Thursday, December 10, 2009


Did you ever ask yourself, what is beauty?
What makes someone beautiful?
They have the perfect hair, and perfect skin, what's perfect?
What is beautiful to you may not be beautiful to me, why is that?
What is the meaning of being pretty or handsome?
To me, imperfections are beautiful. Skin is beautiful, being yourself is in fact beautiful.
Because how can anyone think you are beautiful if you are showing them a fake version of you?
How can anyone get to know you if they aren't seeing the real you?
I think that highschool is the perfect example of this. In highschool, the only concerns in life for most teens are what everyone else is wearing, or what someone said to someone else.
However then something happens, that gets old, and you realize that maybe just maybe there are things that are more important than clothes, drama and materialistic things.
Maybe you find love, and that opens up your eyes to life.
Maybe your boyfriend tells you that he thinks you are much prettier without makeup.
You are confused, the only reason you put makeup on is for the likes of other people.
How is it that they think you are prettier without it?
Or maybe you have curly hair, and you straighten it a lot.
All of the sudden someone says to you "you know, I really love your curls, maybe you shouldn't straighten your hair as much."
You are shocked, but the only reason you even straighten your hair is because your curls are not suitable for society.
Whatever it is that makes you have an epiphany, it makes you think and realize that you are more than vanity.
Maybe then you learn to accept yourself as you are.
Maybe then you put less makeup on, and straighten your hair less.
Maybe then you don't judge people as much as you did.
Because after all, what is beauty anyways?

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."


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